Collection: Face masks

Child - approximately 6 inches across
Adult female - approximately 7.5 inches across
Male - approximately 9 inches across

A standard mask comes with two layers of 100% cotton (unless otherwise stated) fabric sewn together and 15 inches of untied flat 3mm wide elastic. By request 6mm or 10mm flat elastic is available or extra elastic if you wish to tie it around your head or are unsure 15 inches of elastic for each side will be sufficient. The untied elastic can be tied by the user to create appropriately sized loops. I recommend triple knotting the elastic and pulling it tight to secure the knot. Knots can then be pulled through the pocket and hidden in the fabric for a neater finish.

Elastic adjusters: The elastic will come pretied with a small cylinder of silicone that creates a loop that sits behind your ear. The loop can be made bigger/smaller according to what makes the sizing of the loop suitable for the user.
Filter pocket: This adds on a third layer of fabric that will sit closest to the face. This third layer creates a pocket for filters to be placed in, I do not supply the filter pockets. By request, I can section off the top 1cm of the filter pocket to create a space for a nose wire. I do not supply the nose wire. This is only available with the filter pocket add on.
Elastic adjusters and filter pocket: you will get adjusters and a filter pocket with your mask.

Masks cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. I am not responsible for any masks that do not fit the user as expected, the width of the mask should measure to be slightly bigger than that of your face (including measurement of your nose). All masks are cut either using a computer or a metal template, so are the same size for each mask (please account for small variances due to their handmade nature).

The exact fabric pattern on the mask may vary due to the fact that they are cut by hand and each mask is made individually by hand/sewing machine.

Most masks are made to order, therefore can be adapted slightly, but please contact me beforehand to check. All masks are packaged in organza bags and then wrapped in tissue paper, which is sealed with a sticker. Masks are both hand and machine wash safe (on a cotton setting), I recommend washing them in a mesh laundry bag to protect the masks from damage from other items of clothing/the machine. To soften the fabric and remove creases, iron the mask while folded in half.

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