Painting the wax melts red

The collection of wax melts in my style is quickly growing and honestly the possibilities are endless. The inspiration from the melts ranges from a single line or a song to a scene or an entire film. Every detail is relevant in some way, but I rarely talk about them beyond my Instagram stories. So here goes, here's the start of talking about my wax melts and is there any better place to start than down the rabbit hole?

Alice in Wonderland has always been up there with some of my favourite Disney films. I feel like everyone needs an escape to a totally bonkers place every once in a while. Plus with three films and a lot of perculiar things happening, it's impossible to make enough Alice in Wonderland inspired wax melts. And then there's the teacups and the maze in Disneyland Paris and I'm sure plenty of other bits in other parks. There's so much to make and I already feel like I'm late.

My latest Alice in Wonderland wax melt is called Painting the Roses Red and if you've seen the first film, I'm sure you already have the scene playing in your head without even seeing it. This wax melt starts out with half painted roses, half red and half white of course because the Queen of Hearts wanted red roses and the playing card guards accidentally planted white ones. In a bonkers land, of course the only option is to paint the roses red and in the panic they don't do the tidiest of jobs, but we'll get to that later. These red and white roses are a go-to for Alice in Wonderland wax melts because I like the splash of colour the red uses and I think it gives a big nod to the first film. It also helps all the wax melts tie in together for each film.

I was under the impression that the paint bucket in the film was white, however I must have remembered wrong because when I googled the scene, I found out it was blue. So of course the paint pot itself is blue, with red paint that looks as if it is dripping down the pot, I did say they weren't particularly careful and tidy with the paint. Similiarly, the paint brush had to have red paint on. To carry on the theme of paint splatters and spills, I did the base red too. The base is what keeps all the little bits and pieces together so the wax melt holds up as one thing rather than loads of tiny pieces. Normally pieces of the base can be seen so I try to colour coordinate it to match the theme.

I think the scent is what ties it all together. I debated making them smell like rose, but I figured there would be plenty of opportunities for rose scented Alice in Wonderland or Beauty and the Beast wax melts in the future. The scent is called Secret Wonderland, I chose it because the roses being the wrong colour was intended on being a big secret. And the wonderland part. It is a sweet scent, which I generally think is a good call for Alice in Wonderland because of the tea parties and the jam tarts. It has top notes of strawberry which ties in really well with the jam tart part of the films. The scent description also says "a fruity floral heart of frosted jasmine petals", which seems massively appropriate that they used "heart" since the roses were by order of the Queen of Hearts. The base if precious woods and amber, which makes me think of when Alice is at the crossroads with all the confusing signs directing here this way and that in the first film.

And that is the third of our Alice in Wonderland inspired wax far. I think the three make a cute little trio and plan of having them available to buy together at a slightly better price than buying them individually. I also really want to make them as candles.

There's more Alice in Wonderland already planned and more that will be planned shortly, but if you have any requests let me know. If there's any of our inspired wax melts that you want a little more information on too, let me know and I'll make it the next post. Alternatively, if you want a differen theme of wax melt I'd love to know, I'm open to requests and suggestions and they don't have to be Disney. Sometimes it takes a little while to get to them, but it all goes on a list I work my way through when I find the perfect thing for them.

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