Design of the week: You're my new dream

We've all been there, watching Tangled for the 1000th time, waiting for those heartfelt words towards the end of the film. And if you haven't seen the film, click off of this now and go and watch it because it's my favourite film. It's potentially the best quote of the film and we can't think of a sweeter quote that comes from Eugene or Rapunzel. In hindsight, this would have been a great design to promote for Valentine's Day, but we didn't - oops.

You're my new dream

Last year, when we launched three new designs for our Lost Princess collection, we just knew this quote had to be part of one of them. All three were designed by our fantastic designer BethanyWalkerDesign, who always captures exactly the right thing for every design. Quite honestly, Bethany didn't have much to go on for this design other than the quote we wanted. The rest was all her.

The design itself captures Rapunzel's creativity in the form of a paint palette, similar to our Gallary Walls wax melt. We know from the film that Rapunzel's love of painting was a special way in which she captured her dreams, as long as she could find the space on her walls. So the paint palette and paint splatters perfectly represent her dreams changing and adapting as she achieves some and gains new experiences. Although, we doubt there was time for her to add a painting on her wall to represent her new dream with Eugene with everything that was going on. Perhaps once she returned to the castle she had an entire gallery for painting her new dreams and ambitions.

Two of the paint splotches on the palette itself are heart shaped, which we think was a lovely detail that Bethany added to the design. Signifying the heartfelt manner in which the words were said. There's also a couple of flowers that follow the same paint splotch theme, which we think is a lovely nod to the beautiful braid the village people did for our princess. All the colours on the design were chosen to reflect our favourie Lost Princess, the pinks for her outfit, the yellows for her hair, the magic flower and the Corona Kingdom sun.

We chose this design for the third week of our design of the week because the start of the year is always the toughest part of the year. It goes so slowly and it isn't quite warm enough to not have a blanket attached to us at all times. Now, more than ever, it feels really important to keep dreaming and planning things for the future. We've got about one hundred and one dreams floating around in our head and more get added every single day. Some are tiny, while others are huge dreams, but all of them are important. This design is to remind you that dreaming is good, healthy even and you can never dream too much. Whether you are dreaming about a new adventure, a new life or a new person, keep on dreaming.

How does design of the week work? Design of the week is something new we started this year where we pick one featured design a week and have 20% off any item of clothing with it on. Every order that contains this design will receive a free £5 gift. The gift will follow the same theme of the design, so for this design it is in our Lost Princess collection and also part of our Dream collection so you could receive anything from these two collections. It's important to us that you receive products that you will actually use or be able to gift, so we'll base your free gift off of the type of products you've ordered from us in the past. Of course if there's something you definitely want us to avoid (for example home fragrance for allergy or pet issues etc), please let us know. You don't need to provide a reason.

Every Friday at 7:30pm we'll change the design of the week to mix up what's available and offer something different. This design change coincides with our weekly restocks where we restock anything we've been able to make during the week such as candles and wax melts. The 20% off discount is automatic, so no code is needed, provided you've got the right thing in your basket the discount will work. But if it doesn't, feel free to get in touch and we'll sort it for you.

While we do only have photos of this design on a sky blue t-shirt, the discount will also apply to hoodies and jumpers, so you can pick a more weather appropriate item of clothing if you would like. Plus, it would be handy to get some photos of this design on something other than a t-shirt.


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